Seattle Realtor Client Testimonials

Some words from past clients:

James Nottoli

The best word I can use to describe Mark is Professionalism. I asked Mark to sell my house and give me some advise to making the house truly salable. I followed Mark's recommendations then got out of the way, and let him do his magic. Mark sold the house within 5 days for 26% over the asking price. It wasn't luck, skill is the correct word. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wishes to sell or purchase a home. He listens then acts, and that's a mark of a Professional.

Kevin and Marie

My fiancé and I recently purchased a home with Mark. We were very fortunate to meet such a knowledgeable and patient agent to help in our search.  We met Mark at a open house in the Fremont area.  He was one of several agents we were considering using to start our home search.  My fiancé and I agreed there was something special about Mark.  He took a different approach to the home buying process, It didn't seem like he was in it for himself, it felt very selfless. He wanted us to explain what was important to us and he set our search based on that criteria.  He took time out of his busy schedule to accommodate our's. I think one of the most beneficial aspects of working with such a seasoned agent was his knowledge of the market. His opinion was very useful, and we feel that he helped us land on the perfect spot. I would recommend Mark if you are looking for a agent that will get the job done and meet all of your needs.

The Morgans

When my husband and I began our house search in Seattle, we knew that partnering with the best realtor was going to be the optimal way to find our perfect forever home. Luckily, we teamed up with Mark Ashmun from Coldwell Banker Bain and he was the best person for the job!

1) We were looking for someone who would be dedicated to us full time. Mark was there for us whenever we needed him and made us feel like we were his only clients. Whether it was to meet us at a home that had just been placed on the market an hour before, visit 10 homes in one day or answer our questions that we would come up with while talking during dinner, he was dedicated, friendly and made us feel completely comfortable the entire time.

2) We wanted to work with someone who was not only dedicated, but also passionate and enthusiastic about finding us a home. Mark was able to understand exactly what we were looking for and was always willing to go the extra mile. After our original meeting with him, he knew exactly what we liked, didn't like and knew how to be our "third hand" in the search for a home we loved in our budget.

3) Having a market savvy realtor was also a huge requirement for us. Mark has lived in Seattle for over 20 years. He intimately knows Seattle and the surrounding cities in Washington, which helped provide us with the tools to obtain vision in the longevity of our investment, truly understand each neighborhood and what they had to offer, and see how locations could affect price, house style and ability to meet our specific needs and wants.

4) Expounding upon the "market savvy realtor" requirement, we also needed our realtor to not only be able to literally navigate the Seattle area, but also help us navigate in such a competitive market. Mark knew the ins and outs, asked the right questions, and had strong relationships with other people in the industry. He knew some of the agents representing homes that we visited and he also upheld a continuous dialogue with our lender, making us ten times more competitive when we wanted to place an offer on a home. He always had out of the box ideas to have our offer be the most competitive within our means and it led us to our dream home!

All of these requirements that we knew we wanted going into our house search were immediately met and surpassed by Mark, but ultimately, he was someone that we could trust in such an exciting, emotional and intense experience. We are so happy to have found our forever home in Seattle and we couldn't have done it without Mark. If you are looking for a realtor that is experienced, knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to be around while you are searching or selling, then Mark Ashmun is the only person I would want on my team! Good luck and we wish you the best!

Claudia Potter

TO: Mark Ashmun

FROM:  Claudia Potter

DATE: April 17, 2014


We closed on my condo today, and it is my pleasure to express both my gratitude and my respect. I have bought and sold several homes over the years, and you truly stand out as the finest and most professional real estate agent with whom I’ve worked.

I want to highlight specific actions on your part that influenced the success of this transaction:

- Your intense involvement in every one of the myriad processes involved

- Your communication ethic – you responded immediately when needed, and informed continuously

- Your negotiation skills – let’s just say they are needed in Washington DC!

Use me as a reference anytime. You really do get it done, and more importantly, to everyone’s gain!

Thank you for everything, thank you for keeping my best interests front and foremost, and I wish you continued success!



The Halls

Mark’s real estate skill alongside his sales and marketing efforts made a great difference in helping us get the most value from our sale of our home.   As we were moving to a larger home, he also represented us in the search and purchase in our new home.   His advice on how to negotiate non-tangible items and assistance with the entire purchasing process made our purchasing experience less stressful.
His was always available and very personable from the beginning to the end making sure we made decisions we would be satisfied with. 
-Lee and Vicky Hall

The Burchacks

Recently, our family decided to move from South Seattle to the North Seattle. This decision required us to do two things. Firstly, sell our house. Secondly, buy a new house. We chose Mark Ashmun for both and couldn't have been more pleased.

When we were in the planning stage of putting our house for sale Mark came over to discuss the plan. We talked about how to improve/update the home to maximize its potential and the asking price. Once everything was agreed to, Mark had his photographer take some amazing pictures. Our listing looked great. Every time I called Mark he was there, every question I received an answer, and every issue was resolved. There was never five minutes I sat around wondering what was going on. Mark deftly negotiated the multiple offer situation, maximizing our home's value. Long story short, the house was on the market for 5 days, and we received our most optimistic purchase price.

As pleased we were with selling our house, Mark outdid himself when it came time to buy. We looked at a ton of houses. After looking at house after house we finally found one to put an offer on. The offer was made on day one. Mark worked the phone day after day--but we were simply outbid. The very next day we came to the house meant for our family. We were the first ones in on a Sunday and were the first ones to put in an offer just hours later. The buying market is insanely competitive right now. We put together a great offer, and Mark made multiple calls to nail down what was important to the sellers. The value Mark brings in prompt and honest communication between buyers and sellers cannot be overstated. I truly believe the extra effort Mark made on our behalf made the difference in signing the contract and successfully closing. We ended up in house, in a neighborhood, in a school district exceeding our expectations.

Buying and selling a home is a group effort and with Mark, we ended up exactly where we wanted to raise our family.


The Burchaks

The Nesgodas

Mark was fantastic to work with! He is very professional, punctual, and personable. As first time home buyers, Mark made us feel comfortable with the entire home buying process from the first day we started touring houses to the day we got the keys to our home. He was accommodating and available (even on short notice). We couldnt have asked for a better agent to represent us.

Kostya Kortchinsky

Working with Mark was a pleasure. He was present all the way, responsive, helped us tour homes on extremely short notice, and stayed up late with us to write offers! Mark made the whole process a breeze to the very end, and I can't help but be glad to have found such an efficient and knowledgeable agent. I will definitely recommend Mark to anyone willing to buy or sell a property in Seattle.

Grace Meyer and Charlie Workman

Not only is Mark a ridiculously awesome agent who represented us during the purchase of our new home, he's an amazing human being.  From the moment we sat down to hatch our plan, to the day he handed us the keys...and beyond, Mark was a consumate professional even when the other agents involved in the transaction were most decidedly not.  

We told him what we wanted and needed, discussed options and changed our minds more than once, and Mark was right there with us.  He was so patient and kind in everything he did, and talk about above and beyond, he stayed up late with us one night helping us to clarify our needs when our hoped for dreamhouse looked like it might be slipping out of our hands.  We got it!!  

Thank you Mark, there is no one we'd rather trust ourselves to, and we look forward to the next time we get to work with you...such a true pleasure!

Chris Conroy

I was very fortunate to meet Mark at an open house this summer. I was immediately drawn to him because of his professional yet easygoing manner. Unlike some agents that I met, Mark isn't pushy. He does an excellent job of guiding you through the home search by providing pertinent information and honest feedback. It was refreshing to be able to evaluate properties without feeling like you were being talked into anything.

However, despite Mark's easygoing manner, I found him to be an excellent negotiator. I couldn't ask for a better person to represent my interests during this process. Mark is extremely committed to helping his clients find a home that they will love. I strongly recommend Mark Ashmun to anyone looking for a home in the Seattle-area. I could not offer higher praise!

Mark and Kelly

"I can't imagine working with a better agent! Mark is just an awesome person all-around. He's honest, patient, and knows the Seattle market extremely well. We met with him several times a week for months, and he coached us through several bidding wars and we won on our third try! Seattle real estate is crazy and we're so glad Mark was there to guide us through everything. He definitely has his clients best interest in mind. I can't say enough good things about him! He's so nice and cool and has a calming presence. He's just the best!"

The Veverkas

We had just begun our search for a new home when we met Mark at an open house he was hosting. His knowledge and outgoing personality immediately struck us as that of someone we wanted to work with. He is friendly, professional, timely, and dedicated to his clients.  Mark went above and beyond as our realtor. He was always available for us despite our odd scheduling requirements and always made sure to make showings and meetings as convenient as possible for us. We strongly believe that we would not have found the home we can raise a family in without Mark's hard work and dedication. We would highly recommend Mark Ashmun to anyone searching for a home in the Seattle area.

-The Veverkas

The Franklins

"When my husband and I first began to look at houses in Seattle, we were quickly overwhelmed by the daunting process. We met Mark Ashmun at an open house and immediately knew he was the perfect realtor for us. For months he was extremely helpful, patient, and engaging, always making sure we had the most up-to-date listings that matched our criteria. From the house hunting process to signing the final papers, we could not have been happier with the help Mark provided. Thank you Mark—we greatly appreciate your help on finding our perfect home!"

 --Melissa and Jason Franklin

Andy Buckman

"I had been casually looking for a home for approximately four weeks when I met Mark as he was hosting an open house; I had even met with a few other realtors but was never very impressed with their attitudes or the way in which they approached me as a potential client.  From the very beginning Mark was someone who I could tell saw me as more than just his next commission but rather as someone whom he would like to help in making a very important decision in life.

My home search was one that spanned almost four months, saw a multitude of homes, and even lost more than one home to better offers.  Mark never wavered in his dedication to me and support of my decisions.  He always went the extra distance to make sure all my concerns were addressed and questions were answered.  I am very satisfied with the purchase of my home and would happily recommend Mark Ashmun to anyone else who may be in the market for the purchase or sale of property in the Seattle area.


Andy Buckman."

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